Many companies are blissfully unaware of the damage they are wreaking in their customer base and they never find out that they have literally driven their customers away until it is too late.

No company is perfect we all know that. On the same token, while the customer may always be right, they aren't perfect either. One annoyed customer can be passed off as a minor issue. We all have bad days.

However, if you are noticing a trend of customers who appear to be annoyed or worse, downright angry with your company, it is vital to find out what is going wrong.

Using Temper you can easily identify those trends to help pinpoint what changed and when.

Here are a few common ways you may already be annoying your customers:

Website Issues

Cluttered pages, defective navigation, the dreaded 404 there are myriad ways your site may be annoying your customers. Most companies, particularly those without dedicated IT, simply know that their site is up and do little if anything to make sure that everything is still operational.

You may be the last person to know that something is wrong or buggy with your site. Your customers are typically the first to know and they can offer you real assistance in making sure your site is functional and useful.

Frequency and Type of Contact

This is a hot-button issue for many companies. You've got to keep in touch with your customers to keep your relationship with them strong and to keep your sales figures up. But how much contact is too much contact?

This leads to another issue, especially for brick and mortar companies. If you are not asking for your customer's preferred method of contact, you run the risk of annoying them very easily.

Keep tabs on how your customers react when you contact them and adjust as necessary.

Poor Customer Service/Staffing Issues

Sally over there in customer service seems to be the epitome of a customer service rep. She's on time, she seems friendly, but lately you've noticed a large defection of your customers. Surely it can't be Sally's fault, right? Maybe it is.

While your employees may tow the line in front of you, how they interact with customers when you're not around may be entirely different. You may never know the truth unless you ask your customers how they are being treated.

An annoyed customer is your competitor's most powerful weapon and you're arming it yourself.

You can use Temper in your support emails to know exactly how Sally is doing and whether she's having a positive or negative effect on your business.

Remember if you don't ask the question, you'll never get the answer.