Content marketing is a type of digital strategy becoming more and more vital for business owners to pay attention to.

The strategy is based on the idea that people buy from brands they know and trust. As a brand, this trust can be built by investing time on creating content, such as videos, blog posts, and infographics, that will be valuable and entertaining for customers. As we move into a more connected, digital world, customers are increasingly encouraged to buy through this media, not traditional advertising.

This shift in customer expectations means that brands need to focus their marketing energies on creating informative content, not sales messages. This is a big change, and a lot of brands are finding it difficult to understand what is expected of them within this new paradigm.

The Content Marketing Institute say that nine out of ten marketers are now using content marketing as a key strategy, so it really is important to make sure your brand isn’t getting left behind.

A great deal of resources are available to help you, and your brand, get the most out of content marketing. They'll inspire you to see just what the possibilities are with this new marketing method.

Here are six useful presentations about content marketing.

Introduction to Content Marketing

If you’re completely new to the idea of content marketing, this presentation will provide the basics. This is a great presentation to watch if you want to understand the key principles of content marketing.

From Content to Customer, Generating Demand With Content Marketing

The process of turning online contacts into paying customers can be tricky. This presentation provides a framework for leading your customers through each stage of the journey.

Eight Content Marketing Strategies to Take Right Now

If you’re sold on the basic principles of content marketing but need some ideas on how to get started, this presentation should help. Created by Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, these eight strategy ideas should help get you off to a really good start.

The Content Marketing Manifesto

Moz is a huge name in the digital world. Their Content Marketing Manifesto will help you leverage the power of content, build trust, earn customers, and create value.

60 Social, Conversion, SEO and Mobile Tips

This is another great presentation for those of you who are short on ideas. These 60 tips for boosting your online efforts with search, social, conversion, mobile, and content will definitely inspire you.

Why Our Content Sucks and How to Make it Better

Expect a bit of tough love from this presentation! Not only will it encourage you to make changes and massively improve the content you create, it also delves into our perceptions about content, and what that means for businesses.

These presentations are all informative, helpful, and easy to watch. Watching them - right now - will put you in a much better position to successfully strategize with content marketing.