Improve customer satisfaction over time

Temper measures how your customers feel about your business so you know what to improve


As someone in a Support leadership role, it means a lot to get my team more insight into how their hard work translates into a happier experience for our customers. Using Temper helps us know where we can improve, rather than constantly guessing. It's now an incredibly important part of our support workflow. We love using Temper!

Who knew making sure your customers
are happy could be this easy?

There are 3 ways to implement Temper,
so you can stay in touch across all aspects of your business.

  • Img01-2x


    Shows up at the bottom right of every page you install it on. Great for gauging how satisfied your users are with your entire product.

  • Img02-2x


    Is placed within your page anywhere you'd like to get feedback on a specific item or experience.

  • Img03-2x


    Goes at the end of any email you'd like. Perfect for gauging how your customer support interactions are going!