Temper measures how your customers feel about every aspect of your business so you know what to improve. Plainly put, you can now know how your customers feel about every part of your company or product. All the time.


JD Graffam Owner

JD Graffam is a speaker, writer, and recognized customer experience expert. JD runs Graffam Cos., which are eight design and technology companies focused on making digital things easier for people to use.


Calvin Morris Product Manager

Calvin writes some words and some codes for all of the digital products under the Graffam Cos umbrella. Sometimes, if called upon, he'll even fire up Sketch and push some pixels around.

The Graffam Cos. include:

  • Logo-simplefocus
    Simple Focus
    a user experience brand development agency
  • Logo-clearfunction
    Clear Function
    software development firm for valuable digital products
  • Logo-sifter
    bug and issue tracking software for nimble teams
  • Logo-pulse
    software to manage your business cash flow
  • Logo-ballpark
    software for online invoicing, estimates and time tracking
  • Logo-curated
    software for creating newsletters and growing your audience
  • Logo-temper
    software to measure and improve customer satisfaction